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writing about music

honing your writing skills for limitless possibilities

learn how to write in a more engaging and informed way that is tailored to specific audiences.

contemporary label management

the shared practices of David and Goliath

learn about the main functions of various record label departments and how money is generated by different revenues such as physical sales, digital downloads and streaming.

dj skills

Calvin Harris, Flava D, Deadmau5...and you? begin the journey to mixing mastery

for those drawn to DJing, this distinctive form of expression can be an exciting and rewarding musical path.

brand, marketing and promotions

building your brand and getting seen

learn the basics of creating a brand, what it means and how you can market and promote it.

wellbeing in music

a toolkit for resilience, balance and personal growth

this unit will equip you with healthy practices to help manage your wellbeing in an industry that can be demanding, competitive and unpredictable.

the world of sync

wow, who wrote that? placing music accross madia: tv, film, videogames and advertising

this unit will outline all of those that work in sync across client and brand side as well as outlining their focus and motivations.

sustainability in music

protecting our planet

with climate change and plastic pollution increasingly in the headlines, the music industry of tomorrow must be greener, cleaner, and speak out louder.

representation in music

identity, diversity and the sociology of music

a thorough introduction to all aspects of diversity in music, illuminating important truths.

producing music videos

sounds and vision: what you need to know

this unit will give you an understanding of how to produce and create a music video as well as understand the historic significance of an artist’s visual representation.

the business of genres

history 101: from Hip Hop to House and how genres impact culture

look at the relationship between the genres and society and their influence on pop culture, fashion, audience and representation.

the art of songwriting

original expression and exploding your influences

discover the timeless art of songwriting, the tricks of composition and how the great songs blossom into full blown musical arrangements across any genre.

teaching methods

where do ideas come from? tap into the learning potential of the creative arts

explore the creative potential of teaching and learning through a wide variety of practices.

music production

audio alchemy: inside the recording studio

this unit deconstructs what it takes to produce a record, taking you through each stage of the process from initial demo to a fully mixed and mastered product ready for release.

making music available

self-releasing and realising DIY dreams

Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, Chance the Rapper, Jorja Smith, and YOU?This unit will introduce you to the processes involved in self releasing music.

how touring works

logistics and life on the road

an overview of what is necessary when organising shows for artists while they are on the road.

how the music industry works

fundamentals and the big picture

learn the fundamental principles as to how the overall music industry functions and how money is made from music.

how the live events industry works

access all areas: the jobs behind the magic moments

an overview of the live events industry, with a focus on touring, venues, festivals and the job roles present in different sectors.

how the law works

the legal and ethical codes critical to success

explore a fascinating range of legal and ethical situations, from high-profile cases that changed the music industry to the contracts that quietly protect our day to day rights.

how finance works

budgeting for success

how finance works budgeting for success the fundamental principles of how to balance the books and keep track of your spending.

how talent management works

heart, head and hustle

this unit puts the critical relationship between the talent and the manager into sharp focus.

how music publishing works

who owns the song?

learn that music publishing has a creative and fascinating role within the business, as behind all the hits we enjoy are great songwriters.

how festivals work

field of dreams from concept to completion

an overview of festivals and outdoor events, from the conception through to planning and delivery.

level up

self-discovery, soft skills and stepping out

discover the actions you can take to set you on the path towards a fulfilling career in the Creative Industries and hear real-world insights from industry leaders.

creative industries project

exploring through experience

enhance your independent study skills in an area of interest and undertake appropriately challenging projects, which expand your abilities.


business creativity and making things happen

learn the essential role of entrepreneurship.

music tech culture

evolution, revolution and the scene today

this unit will equip you with the knowledge and skills to think about how you will commercialise your product in today’s climate.

media + comms strategies

the digital playbook for social and beyond

learn the basics of media and communications, including social media, digital marketing and public relations and how it relates to album releases and live tours.

future trends

discover the innovations shaping the world today. tomorrow is up to you

everyone has their own vision for what the future should look like, and that’s precisely the starting point for this unit: the future is entirely up to you.