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We very much look forward to welcoming your application as soon as the courses go live. And, in the meantime, we would love to give you some info on how you will be able to apply, interview and receive course offers.

We will also provide you with some great blogs and additional resources to get you started!

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FAQs on the application process…

How do I apply?

Applying is easy! Our application process is entirely online. It just starts with a click of the link which we will send to you once the courses have gone live. You can complete your application form and admissions interview at the same time, but can also complete the interview at a later date if you want to. Once both the application and interview answers have come through to admissions, we’ll check over your application and send it over to our faculty to consider before making an offer to you.

Do I need to have any qualifications to apply?

We do have some academic requirements for our courses at #THEWRD. If you are currently in education and haven’t achieved your grades yet, it won’t be a problem, as you can still apply!

Can I get someone else to apply for the course for me?

We recommend that you yourself complete your application form, but it is okay to ask for help if you are stuck. When it comes to the online Interview, we ask that you personally complete your interview questions and that it is not completed by someone on your behalf. If you require an alternative format or any help at all please let the admissions team know by dropping them an email.

How will #THEWRD conduct interviews for course entry?

Our interviews are conducted using a platform called Videoask. Videoask will display or read out questions which you can then respond to via Audio, Video or Text. You'll need to install Chrome for it to run smoothly which is completely free and available for Windows, Mac OS, Android and Iphone. Once the interview has started you cannot leave and come back so you'll need to complete it in one sitting. Interviews usually last around 8-10 minutes but we always recommend allowing at least 30 minutes as you'll have the opportunity to review your answers after each question and re-record them should you need to.

How do I contact the admissions team?

You can email the admissions team on admissions@studythewrd.com.

WHAT will I be asked during my interview...

The interview is all about getting to know you, so there’s no right or wrong answers and there won't be anything you can't answer.

The questions will be aimed at understanding your education, experiences, interests and aspirations.

HOW to prepare for the interview...

We have a list of do’s and don’ts to help you prepare:



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